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Aweber Review

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An In-depth Aweber Review

There are a few people who think that email marketing has faded out of importance. Those people will probably never use Aweber and will miss out on all of the amazing potential that it possesses. For those of us who still believe in the power and flexibility of email marketing, this new tool will help automate the tedious work while also teaching us how to remain relevant The following Aweber review will take a look at the best features of this program

A Chance To Learn.

It's not often that an email marketing tool actually teaches you about email marketing. That is just one of the many ways in which Aweber strives to be so different from the competition. They provide real-time instructional webinars from various professionals who use Aweber on a regular basis.

All of the courses are free and there is an archive of courses organized to create an in-depth study guide. They start by covering the basics of email marketing and then move to cover the importance of analytics and methods for integrating social media; just to name a few. Whether you are new to email marketing entirely or a seasoned professional, there's something you can learn from these courses.

A Powerful Autoresponder.

Probably one of the main reasons anyone chooses to use such a program is for its autoresponder capabilities. Unfortunately, not all programs are created equally in this regard. Aweber happens to be one of the programs that really excels. As a matter of fact, their autoresponder is their most powerful feature and the primary reason they have become so popular.

It doesn't just automate one email according to a specific trigger. It organizes intricate lists and chains of automated emails. It fills those emails with personalized and targeted content. It's a system that is unrivaled by any other like it in the market. There are nearly 200 basic email templates to use as a starting point and a variety of criteria you can use to determine who gets an email and when.

Many autoresponders create flat, boring emails that aren't very engaging. It's the exact opposite with Aweber. You would have a hard time creating a more personalized email manually.

Excellent Integration.

Another powerful feature of Aweber is its ability to integrate with different types of content, links, websites, and accounts. Aweber is designed with the modern marketer in mind. As such, it was designed to easily integrate with all of the tools used most frequently, such as Facebook, Salesforce, and Zendesk.

There is even an Aweber Labs section that can be used to create tools that rely on the Aweber API. It's a rather intuitive programming interface, but it will require some technical know-how to fully utilize.

The Bottom Line.

The question on everyone's is, “Is this worth it?”. As far as email marketing programs go, it's top of the line. It has one of the best autoresponders out there, it's extremely flexible, integrates easily with many other programs, and there's even a toolset for creating your own tools. This Aweber review gives the program five out of five stars.