How to Avoid Email Spam Filters

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How to Avoid Email Spam Filers

Nobody likes spam email. It’s annoying, unwanted, and can usually lead to far-reaching negative consequences which is why its important to know how to avoid email spam filters. While most spam email might just be unsolicited sales junk, some spammers try and get your information by posing as a bank or other website in a ploy to get you to give up personal login information. Other spammers will include links they want you to click on that will download a virus to your device.

Unfortunately, spam email still has a significant and persistent presence in many people's inboxes. Data from Statista found that spam messages accounted for 56.87% of worldwide e-mail traffic in March 2017. Statista's data reaches all the way back to January 2014 and spam has always accounted for over half of all e-mail traffic. It reached its highest point in April 2014 at 71.1%.[1]

One shouldn’t be surprised to know that most people try and reduce the amount of spam they receive as much as possible. Many inboxes filter out potential spam and block specific email addresses. However, information from ReturnPath found that over one-fifth of all permission-based messages sent by legitimate businesses are sent to junk folders.[2]

Email hosts such as MailChimp will suspend your account if they receive enough complaints. Additionally, some filters are designed to block emails with shady histories. Learn to stay on the safe side with these tips.

Top Tips On How to Avoid Email Spam Filters

Complying with the Law

You can get fined thousands, if not millions, of dollars for breaking a spam law for each violation. In other words, each address you send an unsolicited message to can cost you thousands of dollars each. You should make sure your email follows all legal procedures. Some requirements include:

  • Include an unsubscribe link that works for at least 30 days after sending.
  • Include your physical address.
  • Avoid deceptive headers. Such headers include:
    • Your display name (Don’t claim to represent an entity that you aren’t.)
    • Your header (Don't write “RE:” if the email isn't a reply.)
    • Your subject line (Don’t lie about your content.)

Keeping Your Legitimacy

Even if you learn how to avoid email spam filters, your email is still at the mercy of human judgment. People can click “Mark as Spam” or “Report Phishing” to permanently block your email address. Some spam filters sync up with each other, and you can get forever blacklisted if enough people flag your email.

Ensure that both filters and people see your message is genuine by following these rules and best practices.

Avoid purchased lists: Purchased mailing lists are a waste of time and money for several reasons. First, many email addresses on the list could be either defunct or non-existent. Second, some records have traps set out specifically for spammers. These traps are specific email addresses that will report you when they receive a message. Lastly, if there are any legitimate users, they haven't opted into your list and won't be happy to receive your email. Those users will probably report you anyways. Grow your list organically to get users who are genuinely interested in your company and brand.

Use a double opt-in method: MailChimp is one of the few providers that allows marketers to use a dual opt-in process. When someone signs up for your mailing list, MailChimp will send them another email confirming that they want to receive messages. Now, you will be confident that your subscribers know who you are and why you're messaging them.

Get the timing right: Wait too long to send your initial email, and your recipient might have already forgotten who you are. Send too many messages, and your subscribed might opt out or mark you as spam. Make sure your subscribers know how often they will get messages.

Choose a safe IP address: Filters will automatically block IP addresses that have been caught spamming in the past. Double check your IP address's history to make sure that you or anyone else hasn't poorly behaved. If you're using a provider like MailChimp, their IP address will be attached to your messages. However, those companies don't want your lousy behavior messing up their processes so that they will ban you for bad behavior.

Clean up your coding: Your email might get flagged if you use messy code or unnecessary tags. Use a template or a designer to get around such filters.

Conclusion on how to avoid email spam filters

Knowing how to avoid email spam filters is essential when trying to conduct a successful marketing campaign.

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