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Google Indexing In Minutes – Using The Google Search Console!

So you have just created some amazing content and now rightfully want the world to see it, and of course one of the best places for people to find your content is on Google. But the problem is, it can take days, and sometimes even weeks for Google to find your content and get it indexed in its search results. So the question is, how to get your website indexed in the fastest time possible, in fact, how do you get Google Indexing your website content in a matter of minutes? 

Watch the Video below where I take you through exactly how to add your URL to Google, via their own indexer using the free to use Google Search Console, it's simple to use and is the fastest way possible of submitting you site to Google.

Here is a link to access the Google Search Console shown in the video above. From there all you need to do is submit your URL or website to Google, and leave Google to do the indexing for you, in a matter of minutes, instead of waiting ages for Google to find your content, this your eager readers will consume your amazing content much sooner and live happier lives for it. 

Thanks for checking out this training on Google indexing in minutes. If you found it useful, please share it with anyone you think might find it useful, they will love you for it 🙂

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