MTTB 21 Step System My Top Tier Business Review

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What is MTTB

MTTB or My Top Tier Business 

The Top Tier part refers to a means of conveying a business which sells superior quality products and solutions, with high pricing due to their excellent quality, while also offering substantial commission rates for each sale made. These items are also know as high ticket products as well.

Listed below are some of the key features you get with the MTTB marketing system:

  • A skilled telephone sales team to close your sales for you
  • A comprehensive 21 step program to prepare you correctly for success
  • A Top Tier coach to assist you throughout the program
  • A qualified traffic coach to educate you precisely how to generate visitors to the sales funnels
  • A Done for you pre-written email messages delivered to your subscriber list promoting the business
  • Lead Capture web pages which have been tweaked and tested to deliver the highest possible conversion rates
  • Done for you product creation and sales pages

With the MTTB system each and every component of selling high ticket products has been prepared for you, but there is a catch which I will go into now and is something you must know about MTTB before you buy.

Once you sign up to the MTTB 21 Step Program and the affiliate program at $19 a month you then have the choice of a large selection of done for you front end products, events and services that you can earn 30-50% commissions per sale on. You can of course make lots of money promoting these high quality products but your commission is capped at 50%.aside from traffic.Traffic/Visitors is really the only component that you have to master, which is all taken care of with your dedicated Traffic Coach. After a couple of consultations with your Traffic Coach, you’ll have an extremely good comprehension of the best ways to get targeted traffic to the links you are provided with.

Once you have started to make money using what you learn in the MTTB course you may want to invest your earnings into becoming a MOBE License Rights Owner which cost over $2000 but once paid you get 50% commission on anyone else that signs up from you but I do not recommend doing this until you are 100% sure you can get your money back.

If you don't have that kind of money to invest I would highly recommend you try the system below, I use it myself and its great for anyone on a low budget who is looking to lean how to make money online but also to fulfill you goals and dreams even if they are not financial and is much cheaper then MTTB, in fact you can try it out for just $1.

Please be aware this is not something for you if you are not at least willing to put some effort into actually implementing what you learn, there is work involved in this, so if you want some “push button” system for making money you will be disappointed so don't bother with it, but if you really want to make some positive changes in your life and create the life you have always wanted then this is the best training that I have ever seen by one of the most experienced and inspiring coaches there is click here to check it out if interested

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