Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Don’t Go Out Of Fashion

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Seo StrategyFor businesses and individuals who are looking to make themselves easier to find online, search engine optimization (SEO) has been a crucial marketing tactic for many years now.

The conventional wisdom is that SEO is a tremendously fast-paced field, where even full-time experts find it difficult to stay on top of the latest developments and strategies. While there is a grain of truth to this, it doesn't tell the whole story. Certain search engine optimization techniques are immune to trends and changes in how the search engines operate. Here are some general principles that will never fall out of fashion.

In the early days of SEO, inventive optimizers could get amazing results by tinkering with their pages' “under the hood” HTML. Some of the techniques involved in the process were frankly less than ethical, but they worked for a time. In their quest to improve the level of service they deliver to their users, the search engines cracked down hard on practices like keyword stuffing. They both punished offending websites and set up safeguards to rob the technique of its effectiveness. This clearly illustrates the danger of relying on manipulative SEO strategies.

This doesn't mean that a good optimizer is going to ignore his or her site's back end these days, though! Possibly the most important coding aspect of optimization today is the constant hunt for (and elimination of) duplicate content. Now that many sites are reaching out to visitors using mobile devices as well as conventional computers, avoiding duplication is more important than ever. Intelligent search engine optimization techniques help a primary website and its mobile version work together for better results instead of cannibalizing each others' attention.

People who really have been following the industry buzz in SEO for the last few years shouldn't be too surprised at the shape of the latest effective techniques. Commentators and journalists have been trumpeting “content is king” over and over again. Now it's finally coming true. Google and the other search engines are unleashing incredible new tools to judge context and relevance, (e.g. semantic search) and the easiest way to achieve prominence today is to offer content that's genuinely useful to visitors.

Selling this content-heavy approach can be challenging to professional optimizers who work for commercial clients. Content-driven optimization doesn't fit into the older service model, which basically worked out to “pay me and I'll drive more traffic to you.” Succeeding in this new context-sensitive search engine environment means enlisting the expertise and insight of the client in order to deliver the sort of content users are looking for. While the process is time- and labor-intensive, it definitely does work. This new shift in the SEO landscape is likely to lead to major clients pulling more and more of their optimization work in-house by hiring their own experts.

While optimization is going to remain important for a long time to come, the nature of the most effective optimization techniques is changing. The search engines have always wanted to match their users up with the best webpage, not the best-optimized one. With their latest technological refinements, they're getting closer and closer to that goal. Forward-thinking optimizers know that the best way to attract more visitors now is to make their pages' content more appealing.

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