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The Four Percent Challenge Review Video


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The Four Percent Challenge Review Written Version

The Four Percent Challenge program has been creating a lot of buzz online for several months now since its inception. If you’re a serious entrepreneur or affiliate marketer looking for ways to create profitable campaigns that drive your sales and revenue to another level, then you will want to read on.

Within this Four Percent Challenge review, you will find all the important details that will help you decide if the Four Percent training program is worth your time and money.

What exactly is the Four Percent Challenge?

The Four Percent Success Challenge is a comprehensive training and marketing program created by Vick Strizheus to help affiliate marketers generate up to $1M in sales. It is not a typical “Biz Op” or “Get Rich Quick” program with an affiliate link. This is rather an actual full education, in a step-by-step video format providing an unparalleled level of training that shows you how to build a successful online business as an independent affiliate, starting right from scratch.

The program is designed for affiliate marketers of all abilities and experience levels. It’s a 90-day coaching program, which is divided into 3 levels consisting of 30 days each. A new training session is unlocked each day, with specific and precise recommended actions in every step of the way.

The “Four Percent” name used by Vick Strizheus represents a significant number in the world; a population that really experiences a sense of financial freedom. So, the idea of this program is to help you become part of the 4% group.

And before we go any further, we’d like to introduce Vick Strizheus. Well, he’s a top entrepreneur, marketing expert, business strategist, and creator of highly converting sales funnels and online training programs.

Okay let's continue this Four Percent review with how the training program actually works. 

How the Four Percent Challenge program works

As we mentioned earlier, this coaching program is split into 3 levels. One of the cool things about Four Percent is that, each level is created upon and is an extension of a previous level. You’re provided with a clear path that’s incredibly easy to follow. You’ll literary be dragged by hand and shown everything you’ll need to do every day, whilst keeping you motivated and focused on taking actionable steps to achieve the quality and desired results.

Without further ado, let’s check out the 3 levels of the Four Percent Challenge.

Level 1 — Challenge

Once you’ve signed up and logged into your member’s area, you’ll be able to access the challenges, starting from the first level. This business level basically enables you to work your way to the top, so don’t fret if you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing. Here, the main objective is to help you make your first $10k in revenue, by selling other people’s or company’s products as an independent affiliate.

While generating $10, 000 can seem like a daunting and overwhelming challenge for complete beginners, Vick Strizheus has managed to break down the old paradigms and ways of thinking. This level has the power to clear doubts on your abilities to exponential and rapid growth, turning you into a goal-setting entrepreneur that thinks outside the box.

Level 1 Key Skills

  • Reprogramming your mind for massive success

When you learn to utilize and activate your inner success mechanism, you stand a better a chance of enjoying more effortless and natural success. This level makes available and teaches practical techniques that you can take advantage of to reprogram yourself to become successful.

  • Strategic selection of products

You’ll learn where to find and how to select the highly demanded products in the industry to best meet your marketing objectives.

  • Fundamental skills and strategies to market products

Promoting products that are highly demanded doesn’t automatically guarantee you most sales immediately. Marketing skills and your strategic positioning in the marketplace also matter a great deal. You’ll be provided
with comprehensive challenge solutions on what it takes to cut through the tough competition.

As part of the solution, you’ll learn how to generate quality traffic and drive more targeted visitors to your site, to check out the type of products you are promoting.

  • Converting prospects into customers with an MCPA strategy

The more new customers you acquire and retain, the more the sales and revenue you’ll enjoy. Everything about converting prospects into customers is well laid out for you in layman’s language.

Vick Strizheus will show you how to build a successful multi-channel prospect acquisition (MCPA) strategy to increase your customer base.

  • Crafting effective marketing messages

Customers prefer meaningful and specific messages. If you don’t want to sound so obvious and general to your
targeted customers, you must take your marketing messages seriously. Here you’ll find tips to ensure that you always get very clear on your core message.

  • Multiple streams of income

With this strategy, you’ll be able to create extra streams of passive and automated income without having to
invest more of your time, as well as marketing efforts.

  • Creating your personal central hub

A smart entrepreneur will utilize every tool available to stay ahead of the competitors, including boosting conversions in order to achieve long term success. Well, developing your personal central hub is an indispensable ingredient when it comes to this aspect.

Now we have covered level one, let's continue our Four Percent Challenge review by looking at level two.

Level 2 — Challenge

Promotion to the second level will unlock a new whole level of opportunities for you, enabling you to generate up to $100K in revenue. What happens at this level is basically advancing the features in Level 1 and introducing a few more to enhance your skill set. So, you’ll probably spend less time and effort here.

Level 2 Key Skills

  • Controlling your market leadership positioning
  • Mastering the main secrets and strategies for creating plenty of highly converting promotions and campaigns
  • Developing powerful persuading and influencing skills
  • Stacking different products strategically to exponentially and effortlessly grow sales
  • Creating leverage through systems to earn more and consistently with less effort
  • Planting the seed of absolute domination in the marketplace

Level 3 — Challenge

The millionaire’s league is considered to be for the brave, daring, and committed entrepreneurs. Once you’ve generated your $100,000 in sales and revenue, you gain access to this level, as it means you now understand how to become an independent affiliate.

Level 3 Key Skills

  • Setting up your own massive recurring revenue models & systems and get paid monthly on autopilot

  • Scaling your business strategically and effectively

  • Optimizing your marketing campaigns and building your legacy

  • Initiating the path to becoming a trusted figure looked up to for advice, inspiration, and guidance

Going through the 3 levels successfully can greatly hone your entrepreneur skills and, of course, empower you. You’ll become a lot more confident in your abilities to make life-changing decisions and live on your own terms. Achieving this level of success also certainly leaves you highly motivated and determined to change the world and make a major impact on the lives of people around you.

Keep in mind that, products and features of this affiliate training program are continuously being developed to match up with the high demand in the marketplace.

What you will need to invest as you go through the Four Percent Challenge

Vick Strizheus will recommend some fundamental tools you’ll need to invest more money in if you don’t already have them. Some of the basic tools include a funnel builder and an email auto-responder. If extra tools are needed, you’ll be advised accordingly. Also, you’ll be guided on how to effectively and correctly use the tools just in case you don’t know how to go about it.

As we near the end of this Four Percent Challenge review, let's take a look at the pros and cons of the training program.

Four Percent Challenge

  • Coaching at a personal level
  • Provides actionable steps
  • Incredibly easy to follow
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Offers video replays
  • Multiple income streams
  • Plenty of training webinars
  • A comprehensive and structured approach
  • Inexpensive program
  • Massive discounts
  • Amazing customer support
  • Active online community
  • No complicated procedures involved in canceling the program

Four Percent Challenge

  • Available online only
  • Sessions are only unlocked after completion of the previous session
  • Will ultimately need to invest in other tools to build your online business such as an email autoresponder, funnel builder.

The Four Percent Challenge Review Conclusion

Okay so we are finally at the end of our Four Percent Challenge review and though this should be pretty clear by now, I want to state that The Four Percent Challenge is not a scam at all. This affiliate marketing program is based on legitimate ways, tools, and strategies to generate a substantial amount of revenue. Besides, the program is backed by a money-back guarantee.

We’d like to point out that this program is designed for serious entrepreneurs willing to invest time and work hard to build a rock-solid, successful online business. While no affiliate marketing program can guarantee a 100% percent success, this program is loaded with the key ingredients you’ll need to breakthrough and drive up sales and revenue.

Unlike most of the programs we’ve seen in the market, The Four Percent Challenge takes simplicity to a whole new level. Its step-by-step nature cuts down on confusion and frustration, creating a clear path to your success.

So, you can’t go wrong with The Four Percent Challenge.

Thank you for reading this Four Percent Challenge review, I hope you found it useful, if you want to learn more about the Four Percent Success Challenge wit the option to join please click the button below. 

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